7 Best Outdoor Fireplace and Grill Combo Ranked & Reviewed

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your outdoor living space?

Adding an outdoor fireplace and grill combo can be just the thing to give your backyard patio or deck area that special touch.

With plenty of options available, finding the right one that suits your needs is essential.

Check out our guide on the best outdoor fireplace and grill combos, complete with reviews, ratings, and specs so you can decide when choosing your new setup.

What is an Outdoor Fireplace and Grill Combo?

An outdoor fireplace and grill combo is a versatile piece of patio equipment that combines a fireplace’s warmth and ambiance with a grill’s functionality.

This dual-purpose feature allows you to enjoy an open fire’s warmth and comfort while also having the capability to cook meals outdoors.

These combos come in various designs, sizes, and materials, enabling them to seamlessly blend with your outdoor decor, from rustic to contemporary.

They are perfect for those who love to entertain outdoors, combining the cozy atmosphere of a fireplace with the social experience of a barbecue.


Bring warmth and comfort to your outdoor gatherings with the BALI OUTDOORS Wood Fire Pit.

Its 20 x 8.6-inch inner fire bowl and 31.7 x 16.3-inch frame with two panels are perfect for outdoor seating and socializing during the cool months.

This wood fire pit comes with a high-quality, ultra-durable, and long-lasting cooking grate made of high-quality metal.

The black coloring of the fire pit is favored by most people, adding to its kitchen-style appeal.

You can also rotate the unique wood fire pit grill 360 degrees and adjust the height to suit your cooking and heating needs.

It’s easy to assemble and has a simple structure for enjoyment during outdoor activities.

The grille fire bowl allows the wood to burn more thoroughly due to its well-mixed oxygen, and the stable triangular structure makes your wood fire pit safer to use.

Ikuby Ball

Introducing the Ikuby Ball Fire Pit from Ikuby.

Not only is this fire pit safe and secure, having been crafted with FDA-grade materials, but it is also highly functional and practical.

Measuring 34” DIA x 35” H and with an extra deep bowl, this fire pit will hold plenty of wood and mesh sides with unique patterns, making for a modern and stylish look.

The fire bowl features a circular system that raises the firewood for more airflow, providing a longer-lasting fire.

The included cooking grid will also help you grill some kabobs and veggies.

This fire pit also comes with a hanging door, allowing you to easily open or shut it to protect it from escaping sparks.

With a high-grade steel housing and metal base, this fire pit is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

Enjoy quality time with family and friends at the Ikuby Ball Fire Pit.


Introducing the FUNBERRY Fire Pit – perfect for entertaining friends and family outdoors.

This fire pit is made of heavy-duty iron and finished with black high-temperature paint to provide a sturdy and durable design.

Its rust resistance and long-lasting quality make this fire pit perfect for enjoying a fire ambiance in your backyard or while camping.

This fire pit is equipped with a durable metal round spark screen for added safety, a built-in wood grill for improved airflow, and a poker tool to control the flames and lift the mesh screen protector easily.

The included grill can rotate 360 degrees, swing left and right, and be adjusted up and down and screwed in place.

Assemble it quickly and easily, and use it to gather your loved ones around for a warm and cozy evening.

Add the FUNBERRY Fire Pit to your backyard and enjoy the magic of campfires.

London Sunshine Portable Smokeless Fire Pit

The London Sunshine Portable Smokeless Fire Pit offers an unparalleled outdoor experience that combines efficient combustion, smokeless design, and lightweight portability.

With a double-layer structure, this fire pit can reduce smoke emissions by up to 55%, providing a cleaner and more enjoyable outdoor experience.

The fire pit has multiple ventilation holes for optimal efficiency, allowing for longer-lasting fires with less fuel.

Additionally, this fire pit is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and store, perfect for camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

Constructed with high-quality steel and tested for safety and durability, this fire pit is a highly reliable addition to your outdoor gear, offering peace of mind and worry-free use.

Whether for camping, backyard parties, BBQs, or other occasions, the London Sunshine Portable Smokeless Fire Pit is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear, providing a safe, smokeless, and entertaining experience.

Picnicni Fire Pit Grill

The Picnicni Fire Pit Grill is perfect for your outdoor leisure party.

The large outdoor fire pit with a grill is designed to accommodate multiple people with a bonfire on the patio, in the yard, or in the garden.

This fire pit will help your family and friends gather around and create memorable moments lasting for years.

The vents on the side of the fire pit and bumps on the bottom help to improve the firewood’s combustion efficiency, resulting in a bigger and brighter flame.

Furthermore, this firepit is designed to be disassembled for easy camping carrying.

With its high-quality materials, including durable steel coated with high-temperature resistant paint, and a large enough grilling area to grill meat, vegetables, sausages, and other foods, you can be sure the Picnicni Fire Pit Grill will serve you for many years.


The YARDKIT PHOENIX FIRE PIT & GRILL is a fantastic addition to any outdoor living space.

This fire pit is made from durable, heavy-duty steel construction and is finished with high-heat antique copper powder paint to resist rust and corrosion.

Plus, it comes with extras like a 420D custom-fit weatherproof cover, a spark screen top with a poker loop, a solid steel poker, a removable fire bowl, and a built-in wood grate.

With a 5mm porcelain-coated non-stick cooking grate, you can grill your favorite foods over wood fire pit coals.

The sleek design of four curved arms showcasing the 6.75″ deep open fire bowl makes it the perfect outdoor gathering spot and provides a beautiful ambiance.

Assembly is fast and easy right out of the box, and the wide rim and removable fire bowl make it easy to clean and maintain.

Add the YARDKIT PHOENIX FIRE PIT & GRILL to your outdoor living space for a luxurious, reliable addition that lasts years.

Bizzoelife Outdoor Fire Pit

Bring the warmth and beauty of a campfire to your backyard with the Bizzoelife Outdoor Fire Pit.

This wood-burning fire pit measures 25.6*25.6 inches, and the fire bowl is 22.422.43.9 inches, which can load 110 LBS and is suitable for 4-8 people.

The strong and durable steel construction is coated with a high-heat-resistant paint to ensure long-lasting use and features 2 adjustable cooking fire pit grills for toasting chicken, meat, vegetables, and more.

The large cooking grate can be easily adjusted up and down from 5.9 to 11.8 inches, and the small grates can be swiveled 360 degrees for perfect temperature control.

The bonfire pit is designed to take complete combustion and security into consideration, with a built-in grille to elevate the wood for circulated airflow, a wide range of fire radius, and thick outer handles to prevent scalding.

Plus, 4 unique-design legs provide stability on uneven ground and keep the fire away from the ground.

This fire pit is also easy to install and has all the accessories and detailed instructions.

Make this outdoor fire pit from Bizzoelife part of your and your family’s outdoor entertaining for years.


Can an outdoor fireplace be used as a grill?

Yes, many outdoor fireplaces can also be used as grills, but it largely depends on the specific design of the fireplace.

Some outdoor fireplaces are designed explicitly with grilling in mind and come equipped with grill grates and other features to facilitate this.

However, even if an outdoor fireplace isn’t explicitly designed for grilling, you can often still use it by adding a grill grate.

That said, always check the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines to ensure you use the fireplace safely and correctly.

Can you grill meat in a fireplace?

Grilling meat in a fireplace is possible and imparts a unique flavor to your food that is hard to replicate with other cooking methods.

Many outdoor fire pits and fireplaces come equipped with grill grates that are perfect for cooking various types of meat.

However, always ensure you use hardwood, such as oak or hickory, for best results instead of softwood, which can affect the taste of your food.

It’s also crucial to wait until the wood has burnt to embers to avoid flare-ups that might burn your meat.

Always be cautious and follow safety procedures when grilling in a fireplace.

Why are outdoor fireplaces so expensive?

Outdoor fireplaces tend to be more expensive due to several factors.

Firstly, the materials used in their construction are typically high quality, designed to withstand weather elements and resist rust and corrosion.

This alone contributes significantly to the cost. Secondly, the craftsmanship of these outdoor appliances is also a factor.

Creating a product that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing requires a high degree of skill and time.

Additionally, many outdoor fireplaces have added features such as grills, adjustable grates, and even weatherproof covers, all of which add to the overall cost.

Lastly, the brand reputation and market demand also influence the price.

Hence, while outdoor fireplaces may seem expensive, they are usually a long-term investment offering value.

Rounding Up

In conclusion, investing in a high-quality outdoor fire pit that doubles as a grill is a smart move for any homeowner who enjoys outdoor gatherings.

Whether it’s the Picnicni Fire Pit Grill with its efficient vent system and easy portability, the YARDKIT PHOENIX FIRE PIT & GRILL with its sleek design and abundant extras, or the versatile and sturdy Bizzoelife Outdoor Fire Pit, each of these options offers a unique set of features designed to enhance your outdoor cooking and entertainment experience.

Remember, while the upfront cost might be higher for these high-quality products, their long-term benefits and durability make them a worthwhile investment.