7 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes of 2024

Are you seeking the perfect full-suspension mountain bike that will take you wherever your heart desires?

Whether conquering muddy trails, scaling steep mountainsides, or taking long journeys, finding the right bike is essential.

The best way to get started is to compare and contrast leading models of full-suspension mountain bikes today.

This blog post will review the top-rated suspensions mtb’s of 2024 based on their features, performance, and overall ride quality. So, if you’re ready to hit those pedals and explore, read on.

What is a Full Suspension Mountain Bike?

A full-suspension mountain bike, often called a “dual suspension” or “full-sus” bike, is a type of mountain bike with a suspension fork in the front and a rear shock, unlike a hardtail bike with only a suspension fork.

This dual suspension system provides an added layer of shock absorption, delivering a smoother ride on rough and rocky terrain.

Ideal for downhill biking and tackling technical trails, full-suspension mountain bikes offer better control, increased comfort, and reduced fatigue, making them a popular choice among adventurous mountain biking enthusiasts.

Tips for Selecting a Full Suspension Mountain Bike

When selecting a full-suspension mountain bike, consider the following key factors:

  1. Purpose: Understand your riding style and terrain. Trail bikes are all-rounders, cross-country bikes are fast and light, and all-mountain bikes are tough and can handle almost anything.
  2. Frame material: Bikes come in various materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, and titanium. Your choice depends on your budget and preferences for weight and durability.
  3. Wheel Size: There are three main options: 26, 27.5, and 29 inches. Larger wheels roll faster and smoother over obstacles but are less maneuverable.
  4. Suspension travel refers to how much the bike’s suspension system can compress when handling bumps. More travel equates to a smoother ride on rougher terrain.
  5. Components: Pay attention to the details like brakes, shifters, and derailleurs. Higher quality components mean better performance and durability.
  6. Budget: High-quality full-suspension bikes can be costly. Establish a budget range that won’t break the bank, but remember that investing in quality now can save money on future repairs.
  7. Fit: Lastly, but most importantly, make sure the bike fits you well. It should be comfortable to ride, and you should be able to reach all components easily.

These are the Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Cannondale Trail 5

The Cannondale Trail 5 is an outstanding full-suspension mountain bike that combines performance and value.

The bike’s frame is made of lightweight SmartForm C2 alloy, providing a balance of strength and minimal weight.

It features a front and rear suspension, with 100mm of travel on an SR Suntour XCR RL fork, ensuring smooth rides over rough terrain.

Its 29-inch wheels offer fast and smooth rolling over obstacles, while the wide 2.25-inch WTB Ranger Comp tires provide excellent grip on various surfaces.

The bike is equipped with Shimano Deore, a 10-speed drivetrain that provides a wide range of gears for tackling different terrains. The hydraulic disc brakes offer reliable stopping power in all weather conditions.

One of the standouts of the Cannondale Trail 5 is its Trail geometry that positions the rider optimally for efficient pedaling and confident handling.

This bike also uses Cannondale’s proprietary SAVE (Synapse Active Vibration Elimination) technology for the rear triangle, which helps absorb shock for a smoother ride.

Regarding budget, the Cannondale Trail 5 sits in the mid-range category, offering numerous high-end features at a more accessible price point.

It is a versatile bike suited to beginner and intermediate riders looking to explore off-road trails or hone their mountain biking skills.

Given its blend of comfort, performance, and affordability, the Cannondale Trail 5 is indeed a top contender in the full-suspension mountain bike category for 2024.

Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2

The Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2 is a full-suspension mountain bike renowned for its impressive performance.

Its versatility suits various terrains, from gently sloping hills to technical trails.

This bike’s frame is constructed from robust aluminum, offering a blend of durability and lightness that mountain bikers appreciate.

The SR Suntour XCR fork and rear shock provide 120mm of travel, sufficient for absorbing shocks on rough terrains.

The DRT 1.2 boasts 27.5-inch wheels, balancing maneuverability, and obstacle clearance.

Its 2.2-inch wide WTB Trail Boss tires enhance traction on various surfaces, offering a confident and stable ride.

Powered by an SRAM SX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain, the DRT 1.2 provides a wide range of gears, ensuring efficient pedaling on different gradients.

The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes deliver reliable and responsive stopping power, providing safety and control during descents.

The Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2 is also notable for its ergonomic design.

The bike’s geometry promotes an optimal riding position, resulting in efficient pedaling and enhanced comfort during long rides.

Price-wise, the DRT 1.2 is an affordable option, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a quality full-suspension bike without a hefty price tag.

Given its excellent handling, durable build, and value for money, the Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2 deserves its place among the best full-suspension mountain bikes of 2024.

Marin San Quentin 1

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

The Marin San Quentin 1 is a thoughtfully designed full-suspension mountain bike that excels in performance and design.

Its aggressive geometry and rugged build make it an ideal choice for riders tackling a wide range of terrains, from rocky singletracks to steep descents.

The bike frame is crafted from Series 2 aluminum, providing a balance on the bike frame from Series 2 aluminum, balancing durability and weight efficiency.

This bike features a RockShox Recon RL fork and an X-Fusion O2 Pro R shock, offering 130mm travel at the front and 120mm at the rear.

This generous suspension travel ensures an exceptionally smooth ride, absorbing the impact of bumps and dips on challenging trails.

The San Quentin 1 features 29-inch wheels, providing enhanced rolling efficiency over obstacles and superior stability.

Its 2.3-inch wide Vee Tire Flow Snap tires offer remarkable grip on varied surfaces, improving traction and control.

The bike is powered by a Shimano Deore 1×10 speed drivetrain, offering a wide range of gears for versatile cycling across different gradients.

The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes guarantee responsive and consistent stopping power, enhancing safety during high-speed descents.

As for the fit, the San Quentin 1 is designed with an aggressive rider position, providing optimal control and efficient power transfer.

However, it may take some time for beginners or riders used to a more relaxed geometry.

In terms of pricing, the Marin San Quentin 1 offers a sound balance of affordability and quality.

It’s an excellent choice for serious mountain bikers seeking a durable, high-performing bike without stretching their budget excessively.

All these features and characteristics make the Marin San Quentin 1 one of the best full-suspension mountain bikes of 2024.

Giant Talon 1

The Giant Talon 1 is a full-suspension mountain bike with excellent performance, durability, and comfort.

Its ALUXX-grade aluminum frame delivers a lightweight yet robust platform, ensuring the bike can withstand the rigors of off-road riding.

The Talon 1 is equipped with a Suntour Raidon R, offering 100mm of travel, effectively absorbing shocks from rough terrains, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

The bike rolls on 27.5-inch wheels, providing a good balance between agility and rolling efficiency.

Its 2.2-inch wide Maxxis Ikon tires offer excellent traction on various surfaces, ensuring reliable handling in different conditions.

The Talon 1 features a Shimano Deore 1×10 speed drivetrain, providing a wide gear range to accommodate different terrains and gradients effectively accommodate different terrains and gradient sectively.

The Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable and responsive stopping power, ensuring safety during fast descents and in varied weather conditions.

One of the standout features of the Giant Talon 1 is its sporty geometry, which encourages an active riding position for efficient pedaling and superior control.

While this might take some time for beginners, it provides an excellent platform for skill development and progression in the sport.

Priced affordably, the Giant Talon 1 provides excellent value for its cost, making it suitable for both beginner and intermediate riders seeking a quality, performance-oriented, full-suspension mountain bike.

In summary, with its well-thought-out features and competitive pricing, the Giant Talon 1 solidifies its place among the top full-suspension mountain bikes of 2024.

Diamondback Line 27.5

The Diamondback Line 27.5 is a versatile full-suspension mountain bike that blends performance, comfort, and durability.

Crafted with a hardy aluminum frame, the bike provides a lightweight yet sturdy platform suitable for various terrains.

Line 27.5 is outfitted with an SR Suntour XCR fork, providing 120mm of travel, ensuring a comfortable ride by effectively absorbing shocks from uneven surfaces.

In terms of wheel size, the bike features 27.5-inch wheels, striking a balance between agility and rolling efficiency.

It is equipped with 2.3-inch wide WTB Vigilante Comp tires, which offer excellent traction on diverse surfaces, providing a confident and controlled ride.

The Diamondback Line 27.5 is powered by a Shimano 1×9 speed drivetrain, providing a wide range of gears to navigate varied gradients efficiently.

The bike relies on Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes for braking, offering reliable stopping power for enhanced safety during descents and in different weather conditions.

The bike’s geometry encourages an aggressive riding position, promoting efficient pedaling and superior control on trails.

However, newcomers might need some time to adjust to this positioning.

In terms of pricing, the Diamondback Line 27.5 is a cost-effective option.

It delivers top-notch quality and performance features without breaking the bank, making it a great choice for riders on a budget.

In conclusion, the Diamondback Line 27.5 is a top contender in the full-suspension mountain bike category 2024, providing excellent value for money.

Trek Marlin 5

The Trek Marlin 5 is a remarkable full-suspension mountain bike, striking the perfect balance between performance, comfort, and affordability.

Its Alpha Silver Aluminum frame is lightweight and robust, enabling the bike to withstand harsh off-road conditions.

This model comes equipped with an SR Suntour XCE 28 fork, offering 100mm of travel that effectively absorbs shocks on rough terrains, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Marlin 5 features 29-inch wheels, offering superior rolling efficiency and stability.

Its 2.2-inch wide Bontrager XR2 Comp tires provide excellent grip on various surfaces, ensuring confident and responsive handling.

The bike is powered by a Shimano 2×7 speed drivetrain, offering a broad range of gears apt for tackling different terrains and gradients.

The Trek Marlin 5 relies on Tektro MD-M280 mechanical disc brakes for braking, providing reliable stopping power to enhance safety during fast descents and in diverse weather conditions.

The bike’s geometry encourages upright riding, ensuring comfort on longer rides.

While this might require some adjustment for those used to a more aggressive stance, it provides a user-friendly platform for beginners and recreational riders.

The Trek Marlin 5 is affordable. It is a great entry-level option for those new to the sport or anyone seeking a reliable, versatile mountain bike without a hefty price tag.

In conclusion, the Trek Marlin 5 is an excellent choice in the full-suspension mountain bike category 2024, offering an impressive blend of quality, performance, and value.

Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29

The Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 is a distinguished full-suspension mountain bike with top-tier performance, comfort, and reliability.

Its A1 premium Aluminum frame, both lightweight and sturdy, provides a durable platform that can endure the demands of vigorous off-road cycling.

The Rockhopper Comp 29 is fitted with an SR Suntour XCM fork that offers 100mm of travel, effectively soaking up shocks from rocky trails and rough terrains for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The standout feature of this bike is its 29-inch wheels, ensuring superior rolling efficiency and stability over varied terrains.

The bike is equipped with 2.3-inch wide Ground Control Sport tires, known for their excellent grip on multiple surfaces, ensuring confident and precise handling.

Under the gear department, the Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 is powered by a Shimano Deore 1×10 speed drivetrain.

This ensures a wide range of gears can easily handle different terrains and gradients.

The bike’s braking system relies on Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes, offering reliable stopping power and enhancing safety during rapid descents and in diverse weather conditions.

The bike’s trail-friendly geometry encourages a comfortable riding position, which can be advantageous for longer rides.

With its competitive pricing, the Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 delivers high-quality performance features without stretching your budget too much.

This makes it attractive for riders who want a high-performing, reliable, full-suspension mountain bike without a significant financial outlay.

In conclusion, the Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 asserts its position in the 2024 full-suspension mountain bike category by offering a compelling combination of performance, durability, and affordability.

Expert Opinion on Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

The expert believes full-suspension mountain bikes are the pinnacle of off-road biking, providing an unbeatable combination of comfort, control, and performance.

They are characterized by front and rear suspension, which absorb shocks from rough terrains and increase traction and control, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Bikes like the Diamondback Line 27.5, Trek Marlin 5, and Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 are excellent examples of this category.

With their robust construction and high-quality components, these bikes offer a smooth, responsive ride across various terrains.

While the choice of the bike can be largely subjective and based on individual preferences, it’s crucial to consider factors such as riding style, budget, and intended use.

For instance, aggressive riders might prefer a bike with more travel and a geometry that supports a forward-leaning position.

At the same time, beginners or those planning longer rides might find bikes with upright geometry more comfortable.

Ultimately, your full-suspension mountain bike should align with your riding goals, comfort, and budget.


Is full-suspension MTB worth it?

Indeed, investing in a full-suspension mountain bike (MTB) can be incredibly worthwhile, particularly for riders who frequently tackle rough terrains or technical downhill trails.

These bikes have front and rear suspension systems, significantly enhancing comfort and control by absorbing shocks from uneven surfaces.

Furthermore, the added traction provided by the suspension systems allows for more aggressive riding and increased speed on downhill sections.

While full-suspension MTBs might be more expensive than their hardtail counterparts, their enhanced performance, comfort, and control can justify the increased cost.

However, the ultimate decision should align with the rider’s needs, preferences, and budget.

What is the point of a full-suspension mountain bike?

A full-suspension mountain bike is designed to provide superior comfort and control in off-road conditions.

The dual suspension system, which includes both front and rear shocks, absorbs impacts from uneven or rocky terrain, resulting in a smoother, less jarring ride.

This reduces rider fatigue, enabling longer, more enjoyable rides on challenging trails.

Full-suspension bikes offer improved traction, as the wheels maintain better contact with the ground.

This increased traction allows for more confident and aggressive riding, particularly on downhill sections or technical trails.

Therefore, the point of a full-suspension mountain bike is to enhance the off-road cycling experience by providing improved comfort, control, and performance.

Are full-suspension bikes heavier?

Yes, full-suspension bikes are typically heavier than their hardtail counterparts due to the added weight of the rear suspension mechanism.

This additional weight can make the bike more stable and comfortable over rough terrains, but it may also require more effort to pedal uphill or on flat terrain.

While the weight difference can be noticeable, advancements in design and technology have significantly reduced the weight gap.

Modern full-suspension bikes incorporate lightweight materials and designs without compromising the performance benefits of full suspension.

It’s important to balance the advantages of full suspension against the trade-off in weight based on your specific riding style and terrain.

Rounding Up

To conclude, full-suspension mountain bikes, such as the Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29, offer comfort, control, and performance, making them an ideal choice for off-road cycling.

While they might carry a higher price tag, their enhanced riding experience justifies the investment.

However, potential buyers must consider their riding style, terrain, and budget when choosing a bike.

As demonstrated, a wide range of high-quality options are available, each with unique features and benefits.