7 Best Kona Mountain Bikes of 2024

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for a new set of wheels?

Do you want to take your off-road bike adventure to the next level?

Look no further than Kona Mountain Bikes, one of the premier bicycle brands in the outdoor world.

With its wide variety of high-quality components and tailored designs, Kona manufactures some of the most desirable mountain bikes.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at which kinds of Kona mountain bikes offer the best performance and features so that you can confidently choose your ideal ride.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes these incredible bicycles stand out.

Tips for Choosing the Best Kona Mountain Bikes

When selecting the best Kona Mountain Bike, there are a few key aspects to consider:

  1. Purpose of Use: The first step is identifying the type of trails you’ll ride on. Kona offers bikes well-suited for cross-country, downhill, or all-mountain riding.
  2. Bike Size: Choosing the correct size for a comfortable and efficient ride is essential. Kona bikes come in various sizes, and picking the right one depends on your height and riding style.
  3. Suspension Type: Kona offers hardtail, full suspension, and rigid bikes. Your choice depends on the terrain you plan to tackle.
  4. Components: Pay attention to the frame material, brakes, and drivetrain. These will play a significant role in your biking experience.
  5. Budget: Kona offers a wide range of bikes to suit different budgets. While high-end models offer premium components, there are also affordable options that don’t compromise on quality and performance.

Remember, the best Kona mountain bike for you is the one that fits your individual needs and preferences.

These are the Best Kona Mountain Bikes of 2024


Say hello to the all-new Process X CR DL mountain bike – the definition of technical prowess.

It’s a beast of a bike, designed to tackle the toughest trails and ensure that riders don’t miss a beat.

Crafted with a full carbon frame, the Process X DL features high-end components that guarantee a smooth and effortless experience regardless of terrain.

With 170mm of plush travel, you can be sure that even the biggest hits will be tamed.

And, for that extra dose of style, sleek lines and fewer cables make for an undeniably stylish and stealthy ride.

So, if you’re looking for an aggressive and reliable mountain biker, the Process X CR DL is an easy choice. The trails await.


The Process X CR is the perfect bike for riders looking to take their riding to the next level without breaking the bank.

This bike offers a carbon frame that is strong and lightweight, while the build is both durable and practical.

Plus, riders will have access to 170mm of ultra-squishy travel to tackle those tough terrain features.

While it may be built to go big on the descents, the Process X CR ensures you get to the top with plenty of gas left in the tank.

So, if you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled ride that won’t leave you exhausted after the first hill, this bike is for you.


Meet the Process X DH, Kona’s gravity-oriented machine. This bike is engineered with precision for downhill dominance.

It features a robust aluminum frame that withstands the harshest conditions, while its geometry allows for quick handling and optimal stability when navigating steep, technical descents.

This powerhouse comes equipped with a whopping 200mm of travel, ensuring maximum absorption of heavy impacts and enabling you to tackle the roughest terrains confidently.

The top-notch suspension features a RockShox Boxxer fork and Super Deluxe Coil shock that work in synergy to deliver unparalleled dampening and smoothness.

The Process X DH’s componentry is equally impressive, boasting a Shimano Zee drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes for reliable shifting and stopping power.

Despite its downhill orientation, this bike remains surprisingly efficient on climbs, thanks to its progressive design.

With the Process X DH, you get a bike built to conquer gravity and maximize your downhill performance.


The Process X is a standout model in Kona’s lineup, designed for those who crave a competent all-mountain bike.

It’s built around a sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame that balances responsiveness and durability perfectly.

This bike is all about versatility, with 160mm of travel that provides ample absorption for rough trails yet remains efficient on the climbs.

The Process X employs a RockShox Yari fork coupled with a Super Deluxe Coil rear shock, ensuring a plush ride that cushions every bump.

The bike’s geometry is optimized for stability and control, making it an excellent choice for various off-road conditions.

The drivetrain is a mix of reliable Shimano components, delivering smooth and precise shifting no matter how demanding the trail gets.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power, while the wide handlebars and comfortable saddle contribute to an overall enjoyable ride.

One of the highlights of the Process X is its adjustable geometry, allowing riders to fine-tune the bike’s handling to suit their own preferences.

Despite its ruggedness, the Process X offers an appealing aesthetic with clean lines and a minimalist design.

In summary, the Process X is a robust and versatile all-mountain bike that doesn’t shy away from challenging trails.

Its combination of great components, adjustable geometry, and superb suspension setup make it a reliable choice for any mountain biker looking to push their performance to new heights.


The Process 153 DL 29 marks a notable entry into Kona’s range of high-performance mountain bikes.

Perfectly blending speed, strength, and stability, it is a bike designed to soar through challenging terrains with ease.

The bike’s 29-inch wheels roll over obstacles smoothly, providing excellent traction and stability, making it an ideal choice for trail and enduro racing.

The bike’s lightweight aluminum frame is sturdy and durable, designed to withstand the toughest rides.

It has a RockShox Lyric Select fork and a Super Deluxe Select Plus rear shock, offering 153mm of travel.

This suspension setup absorbs shocks efficiently, providing a smoother ride on rocky and uneven trails.

The Process 153 DL 29 packs an SRAM NX/GX Eagle drivetrain, ensuring crisp and precise gear shifts under pressure.

The SRAM Guide R brakes offer powerful and consistent stopping power, essential for controlling steep descents and technical trails.

One standout feature of the Process 153 DL 29 is its progressive geometry.

The longer reach and slacker head angle provides a confident, stable ride on descents, while the steep seat angle positions the rider optimally for efficient pedaling on uphill sections.

Regarding aesthetics, the Process 153 DL 29 sports a clean, sleek design with internal cable routing for a clutter-free look.

The bike is available in multiple color options, catering to various rider preferences.

The Process 153 DL 29 is a mountain bike that excels in performance and style.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate amateur, this bike promises an exhilarating ride, no matter the trail.

PROCESS 153 27.5

The Process 153 27.5 is a force to reckon with in Kona’s range of trail bikes, designed for riders who appreciate the agility and responsiveness of smaller wheels.

Its 27.5-inch wheels deliver a nimble ride that excels in tight, technical trails and can tackle steep and challenging descents.

The aluminum frame of the Process 153 27.5 is robust and designed to withstand the rigors of aggressive trail riding.

It pairs this durability with a RockShox Yari fork and a Super Deluxe Select rear shock.

It provides 153mm of plush travel to absorb shocks efficiently and ensure a smooth, comfortable ride even on the toughest trails.

This bike features an SRAM NX/GX Eagle drivetrain, ensuring reliable and precise gear shifts, even under the most pressing conditions.

It also sports SRAM Guide R brakes, which offer consistent and powerful stopping power, making it easy to control your speed on steep descents and technical trails.

Like its siblings, the Process 153 27.5 boasts a progressive geometry.

Combining a longer reach, slacker head angle, and steep seat angle creates a bike that is stable on descents and efficient climbs.

This geometry instills the rider’s confidence, making tackling more challenging trails possible.

When it comes to aesthetics, Process 153 27.5 doesn’t disappoint.

Its sleek design is accentuated by internally routed cables, which make the bike look clean and uncluttered and protect the cables from trail debris.

Its multiple color options ensure a Process 153 27.5 for every rider’s style.

In conclusion, the Process 153 27.5 is an agile, robust, and capable trail bike that delivers an exhilarating performance on various terrains.

Its smaller wheel size does not compromise its ability to conquer challenging trails, making it a perfect choice for trail riders who value agility and control.


The Honzo ESD is the perfect choice for the hardcore biker looking for a rough and ready ride.

It has a steel frame designed to be as durable as possible and is built with a Marzocchi Bomber Z1 fork with 150mm of travel so that you can take on even the toughest terrain.

To ensure you can confidently navigate even the wildest trails, it has strong 4-piston brakes, giving you ample stopping power, and Maxxis rubber for a sure grip when you need it.

The edgy headtube badge gives it a unique look, and you can be sure it will be the talk of the trails whenever you go out for a ride.

If you’re looking for the ultimate ride that would make Mad Max proud, the Honzo ESD is the perfect choice.

My Experience with Kona Mountain Bikes

My journey with Kona mountain bikes has been nothing short of exhilarating.

When I laid my hands on the Process X, I was instantly enamored by its robust build and remarkable versatility.

Its adjustable geometry allowed me to fine-tune my riding experience based on the trail’s demands, making it the perfect companion for my adventurous escapades on mountainous terrains.

The Process 153 DL 29, renowned for its speed, strength, and stability blend, made every ride an adrenaline-pumping affair.

Its 29-inch wheels easily rolled over obstacles, while its RockShox suspension setup guaranteed a smooth ride, even on the rockiest trails.

The Process 153 27.5, with its agile 27.5-inch wheels, proved to be a game-changer in navigating tight, technical trails.

The SRAM drivetrain offered precise gear shifting, enhancing my riding experience and enabling me to conquer challenging terrains.

The Honzo ESD was the embodiment of rough and ready.

The steel frame and strong 4-piston brakes provided unparalleled security, making even the wildest trails a joy to navigate.

Its unique aesthetics made it a head-turner, often sparking conversations on the trails.

My experience with Kona mountain bikes has been nothing short of outstanding.

Each model offers unique features and specifications that cater to diverse riding styles and preferences.

As an avid mountain biker, I highly recommend Kona bikes for their exceptional performance, durability, and design.


Is Kona a good MTB brand?

Yes, Kona is a highly reputable Mountain Bike (MTB) brand.

Renowned for their durability and exceptional performance, Kona mountain bikes cater to a wide spectrum of riders – from beginners to seasoned professionals.

The versatility of their bike range allows for customization to suit a variety of terrains and riding styles, making them ideal for anyone looking for an adaptable, reliable, and high-performing mountain bike.

Where are Kona bikes from?

Kona Bikes is a company that originates from the Pacific Northwest.

Founded in 1988, the company’s headquarters are in Ferndale, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The brand’s name, “Kona,” is inspired by the sunny side of Hawaii, reflecting the passion for a fun and active lifestyle that the founders wanted to infuse into the brand.

Kona Bikes is known worldwide for its innovative designs and high-quality builds, designed in the Pacific Northwest and manufactured in Taiwan and China.

Is the Kona worth it?

Yes, Kona mountain bikes are worth the investment. Known for their robust construction and innovative design, these bikes deliver a remarkable performance across various terrains.

From the versatile Process X to the agile Process 153 27.5, each Kona bike offers unique features that enhance the riding experience.

Whether you’re a novice biker or a seasoned pro, the durability, adaptability, and superior riding experience that Kona bikes provide make them a worthwhile addition to your biking adventures.

Rounding Up

Kona mountain bikes offer durability, versatility, and exceptional performance, making them a standout choice for any biking enthusiast.

From tackling challenging terrain to cruising on smooth paths, these bikes are designed to deliver an unforgettable riding experience.

Their range of models caters to a wide spectrum of riders, ensuring that a Kona bike is perfect for your needs, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

So, if you’re in the market for a high-quality, reliable, stylish mountain bike, the Kona should be on your shortlist.