How Much Are Backwoods Cigars? (Simple Guide)

How much are backwoods cigars is a popular question among many smokers. If you’re among those people, you’re sure to have you question answered in this article.

Cigars produced in the backwoods of America are known for their unique flavor profiles and often come at a much lower price point than cigars made in more populated areas.

How Much Are Backwoods Cigars?: What you should know

Backwoods cigars are cigars that were made in the backwoods of America. These cigars are usually made from tobaccos that have been grown in areas with a cooler climate.

They are made in small batches, typically of only 10-12 cigars a week. These cigars are designed to be milder and less flavorful than any cigar you might find in a box or store. They are also handmade with natural tobaccos, which gives them a unique flavor that is not found in most cigars.

Why Should You Buy Backwoods Cigar?

If you’re a cigar smoker looking for a quality product, it may be worth considering buying backwoods cigars. Not only are they cheaper than other types of cigars, but they also offer a unique flavor that’s hard to find in other brands. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying backwoods cigars:

1. Backwoods cigars have a more unique flavor: Unlike mainstream cigars, which tend to rely heavily on tobacco types and flavors, backwoods cigars feature different blends and flavors that can be extremely appealing to smokers of all types.

These blends vary greatly between brands, and can include flavors such as vanilla, caramel, and chocolate as well.

2. They are much cheaper than other cigars: Backwoods cigars are generally around 50% less expensive than the same types of brands from other manufacturers. This is a major advantage, especially if you are someone who takes pride in the quality of the product and enjoys smoking it.

3. They’re less makeweight: Backwoods cigars are made from lower-quality tobacco than more popular brands. This means that the tobacco is denser and has a more consistent flavor. And because these cigars are made from lower-quality materials, they don’t require as much training in order to enjoy them.

4. They have more nicotine: Backwoods cigars have higher levels of nicotine than most other types of cigars. This means that they are more desirable for those who smoke the occasional cigar.

5. They have less burn time and less ash: Backwoods cigars have a shorter burn time than other brands of cigars. This means that they can be consumed more easily and are usually not as harsh or bitter.

6. They Are better for those who smoke fast: Backwoods cigars have a shorter burn time than other brands of cigars.

7. More units can be bought per order: Backwoods cigars have a large inventory, which is why they are so affordable. Backwoods cigars can be purchased in a large quantity, which can save you money. Tobacco retailers are usually able to sell small quantities of Backwoods cigar products, but larger orders are not often possible.

How Much Are Backwoods Cigars?: The answer

Backwoods cigars are typically a little cheaper than their more well-known counterparts, and they may be a better value if you’re looking for something specific. In general, backwoods cigars are made from lower-quality tobacco and have poorer flavor than their more expensive counterparts. However, they can still be a good deal if you’re willing to spend some extra money.

A good backwoods cigar costs anywhere from $3-$5 per cigar, while other brands will run you around $8-$12 per unit. This is definitely an advantage when it comes to affordability.

Tips for Choosing the Best Backwoods Cigars

When it comes to cigars, there are a few things that always have to be taken into consideration. The price, the quality, and the flavor. In this article, we will be discussing 5 tips for choosing the best backwoods cigars.

1. Price is something that always has to be considered when picking up a cigar. Choose a cigar that is within your budget and you will be able to enjoy its quality.

2. Quality matters when it comes to cigars. Be sure to pick up a reputable brand and choose cigars that offer high-quality smoke.

3. Flavor is also something that should be considered when picking up a cigar. Find a cigar with an interesting mixture of flavors and you will likely enjoy its smoking experience.

4. Use your judgment when selecting specific cigars for your needs. You should try to pick up a cigar that can meet your specific needs.

5. Choose between different types of cigars when you are smoking. You should pick up a cigar that is tailored to meet your smoking preferences.

Factors Affecting the Price of Backwoods Cigars

Backwood smokers typically prefer low-quality cigars because they’re less expensive and provide a more enjoyable smoke. However, if you’re looking for a truly unique Cigar experience, then you should try one of the higher-quality brands from these regions. There are a number of factors that can affect the price of backwoods cigars.

Here are some of the factors affecting the price of Backwoods cigars

1. Location: The most important factor is the location of the cigar store. Cigars from different parts of the country may have different prices based on where they are sold.

2. Availability: Cigars can be discounted when not in stock, so it is important to check the store’s daily specials to see if there is a deal available.

3. Demand: Demand for Backwoods cigars has always been high, but it has also always been changing. In the past, cigar smokers only smoked certain types of cigars. Now, many people are smoking cigars in all different shapes and sizes. So, the demand for Backwoods cigars can affect its price.

4. Quality: The quality of the Backwoods cigars is another factor that affects the price of backwoods cigars is the quality of the tobacco. Good tobaccos will cost more than bad tobaccos, but this also depends on how well-grown and processed the tobacco is.


How much does a Backwood blunt cost?

A Backwood blunt costs about $10.

How many Backwood cigars are in a pack?

There are typically six Backwood cigars in a pack.

How long do Backwoods last?

Backwoods can last for anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on the climate and usage.

What do Backwoods taste like?

Backwoods taste like a mix of woods and earth.


Backwoods cigars are definitely worth your time. They offer a unique flavor and experience that you simply can’t find in other types of cigars.

Plus, they’re definitely not as expensive as some other types of cigars. So if you’re looking for a quality cigar without breaking the bank, then backwoods cigars are definitely the way to go.

We believe we have answered your question you can be sure of the price range when next you’re buying your favorite cigar.